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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Been a while....

I know, I's been a while:) I am proud to say I finally own a home!!!  Now that we are getting settled into our permanent home, I can get back to work!  I am overloaded with ideas!!!!  Noggin Socks is becoming more than just you know, I have added doilies and quilted works to my, I am continuing to add whatever I can think of!!!  If it's crafty and cute, I am gonna make it:) Stay tuned, I am coming up with new holiday designs and patterns for hats, and seasonal items for your home!!!!  I'm so excited:)

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  1. I always said you could do anything you set your mind to and I admired your ability to be creative. I don't believe in luck but in Gods Blessings, I Pray he continues to Bless you and fill your mind with many creative ideas and your business flourishes.