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Visit my Noggin Socks page on Facebook....
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Thursday, August 11, 2011


     It's almost that time of year once again!!!  Start a head count on children, neices, nephews, grandkids, neighbors, adults and teens too!!!  Christmas is right around the corner.  Also, school shopping is coming soon so get your kids a Noggin Sock for this winter!  In September and October I will have the Pumpkin Patch Special Noggin Socks for your kids to wear to the pumpkin patch.  Coming in November and December will be new seasonal designs also....stay tuned!!!  Also, for those hunters and anglers in your family, I have the cammo/blaze orange hats available that will keep them warm while they gather this season's food! 
     At the moment, I am working on some Breast Cancer Awareness Noggin Socks as well as crochet breast cancer ribbon pins to donate to the cause....if someone you know has suffered or is suffering from hair-loss due to treatment, let me know....I'd love to "Sock their Noggins" too!! Payment terms on such items will be discussed personally in private....just get ahold of me:)
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