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Thursday, January 13, 2011

busy busy busy....

Well, I'm diggin out old pattern magazines and getting ready to start on some new things...I've already had some folks share their interest in some of my examples!!!  I think the hardest part for me is going to be putting a price on do you put a price on doing something you love?  The hats were way inexpensive (and still are) but I had to bite the bullet and raise it just a tad to make sure I was not under bidding myself...The adult hats (and teens) are $10...Kids hats are $7...and Baby hats are still just $5.  Although they are still very affordable, I sorta felt bad changing things up. 
Now, when i start making doilies and the other things that I have planned I guess I will just have to get a little imput...feel free to offer yours...:)  I know already that I do not want to charge those rediculous craft bazzar prices, but at the same time, I cannot put myself out by spending the time it takes to create such peices without getting at least what it's worth.  Bottom line...I don't want to be a rip off, but don't want to get ripped off...LOL  I think I will just work it out as I go.  Maybe I will charge by size, or time put into the projects....and like I noted...I'm totally open to suggestions:) 
Thanks again everyone who is checking out what I've got going here and also for following and sharing with your friends:)  All my posts on here are forwarded to my facebook which makes it available to you facebookers to share with your list of friends too!!  As well as your sharing, comments, and appreciation for what I do, prayers are also welcome and I thank you for those!!! 

Have a great day everyone!  :)

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