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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to order...

As I begin to build this blog and post pictures, you might be wondering how to order.  I am new to this whole computer thing and will be setting up a paypal account as soon as i figure all that out:)  As far as ordering until then, it's can email me at or text an order to 360-250-9078 or post here or on my facebook page.  Please remember to include the size (or age) of person to recieve their Noggin Sock and also colors and style. 
There are three basic style's of Noggin Socks so far...regular beenie, ruffle, and the ever so popular ear flap style.  I am also working on seasonal designs as well...that idea came to me in October 2010 when I designed the popular pumpkin patch hat!  Those were a hit for the families and kids who went pumpkin hunting this halloween season!  Of course I will be bringing those back next year.  Since spring is right around the corner and it will still be perfect hat weather, I am designing a great spring hat that I will introduce soon!!! 
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Also...keep your eyes peeled for the other many crafts I will be bringing once hat season is over!!!!

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