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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and Pillowcases....:)

Well, we finally got our snow!!!  And of course, as always here in Western Washington it has become slush...LOL:)  The snow means a couple of different things here in the Goldsby house, 1: kids dirty up double the laundry....2: mom makes homemade hot cocoa....3: mom has plenty of time to work on crafty things!!!  :)  I'm excited to get rolling on some new things.
 I have discovered a quilting challenge that I want to participate in which includes making quilt style pillowcases and donating to hospitals, foster homes, nursing homes etc.  I will share the link so you can check it out as well and maybe we could get together and help some people in uncomfortable situations feel a little more cozy!!!  Feel free to click the link and check out some of the free patterns or just design your own!  My plan is to make a bunch for the Shriners Hospital in Portland Oregon since we have close ties to oldest son has been a patient of theirs for 15 of his 17 years of living and they are amazing!!!  Some of the most beautiful children spend a good part of their lives there and I think they would love to have a nice cozy homemade pillow case to take home when they get to leave. 
Thanks for stopping by to see what is new today and I will post pics of the latest stuff real soon!! 


  1. All your doilies are very pretty, but the all white (fifth one down on the page) is just plain beautiful...

  2. thank you!!! it's becoming a dying art but growing up around my little grandma meant we had doilies all over the house!! they are probably one of my favorite homemade things ever!!