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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One step at a time....

Please watch closely and check back every couple of days...I am slowly getting pics posted of some of my latest items up for sale:)  I will post the hats all up in the top half with the rest of the hats since the hats is really what Noggin Socks is the bottom section for the latest creations up for grabs though...that is where I will be posting the other pics..
I am so very excited to start getting these up.  I am sorry it is taking so long to get this started but it's easier and less stressful on me if I just take this one step at a time...afterall, I am a housewife with 4 kids:)  I love what I do as far as my crafts and hat business, but first and foremost come those kids...not to mention my hubby who needs just as much love and care:)
Thank you all for following and being patient with me as I take these small steps toward my goal:) 
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